About All Dating Advice

Humans are a gloriously diverse. For this reason, all dating advice, including any I give, suffers from a certain flaw.  The dating advice is usually perfect advice - for dating the writer.

But not everyone is alike.  Your mileage may vary.  My advice will probably work very well for people that are similar to me or people that I would like to date - mature, intelligent, caring, with a bit of adventuresome side.

I addition, there are certain people who think they know a lot about dating but are actually pretty ignorant.

Consider Arnold Schwarzenegger. The man is 6'2", a politician, a movie star and married a Kennedy.  Now consider Danny Devito, only 4' 10", married to Rhea Perlman.   At first glance, you might think it best to ask Arnold for dating advice (nothing against Rhea, she is a great actress, but Maria is a gorgeous Kennedy, you can't do much better than that.).  But look at what they had to work with.  I am much more interested in hearing Danny's technique for picking up and keeping women than Arnold's.   Women probably threw themselves at Arnold while Danny had to hustle his short, smart, funny brain off.   If you want advice about working out, go to Arnold.  But how to pick up a woman - go to Danny.

(Note I wrote the above paragraph BEFORE Arnold's marriage publicly fell apart).

I myself have to overcome below average height, not drinking alcohol, and a tendency to eat too much. 

But even if I was the most knowledgeable dating expert in the world, there is still another problem.

You can't expect any one's advice to work for everyone.  Read what I have written with a critical mind.  Ask yourself if my logic makes sense to you.   Don't follow any advice blindly.  If you like some parts of my advice, but not others, use just the parts you like and disregard the rest.